ACR CPI for Radiology Technicians


If you are looking for an incredible and yet unique learning experience, you are at the right place. The ACR Continuous Professional Improvement program or CPI program is well-known for providing the best learning experience for students willing to pursue a carrier in radiology. There are more than 200 exceptionally qualified specialists who create CPI self-assessments in various fields which are essential to ABR-required study.

How will CPI help you?

CPI contains very rich content which will come in handy in conducting casework. This content can be used to:

  • Provide answers to self-paced questions in management and diagnosis
  • Come up with a unique format of reference. Can either be online or offline.
  • Provide a good starting point for conduction research or case studies.
  • Review imaging studies on different modalities.
  • Gain knowledge from detailed and rationales annotated images.

What is new?

In the past, the American College of Radiology (ACR) Continuous Professional Improvement was only available offline. This implies that for you to learn, you had to print the information or attend the on campus classes which was somehow inconvenient to people who didn’t want to pause their carrier.

Fortunately, today ACR offers online CPI program in a very convenient format. Therefore, you can learn comfortably from any location using your PC, Mac, iPads or any other mobile device.

Benefits of CPI online program

There are many advantages of taking online CPI classes. Here are best four benefits:

  • Since everything is posted online including answers from your peers, you will able to compare them against yours. This gives room for great versatility.
  • If you print the images, you might not notice some of the small details. Online CPI allows you to pan and zoom hence reading image details is very easy.
  • ACR gives instant educational feedback to students. They take this further by providing links to PubMed references.
  • Students can pause and resume whenever they desire to take notes for references.

If you prefer taking the traditional or offline CPI, ACR is fully flexible and can accommodate you at any time.

What to know

According to Harris L. Cohen, M.D., FACR, CPI program chair and Editor-In-Chief, most radiologists have relied and put their trust on CPI to sharpen their diagnostic accuracy. This is because the program allows them to adapt with the changes in imaging and clinical landscape.

Regardless of the kind of CPI module, there will always be a digital publication accompanying it. These e-books will give more room for portability and convenience which will greatly benefit radiologists and leaners.

The main reason as top why sub-specialists are proving knowledge to radiologists in form of CPI is to enable them improve their diagnostic skills in their clinical work. The features in this program are splendid and are rich with detailed captions which are required in ABR areas of study. If you wish to further your radiology study, ACR CPI program is ideal for you.


ACR Continuous Professional Improvement program is the best learning platform for radiologists and students available both online and offline. It comes with in-depth findings, rationales, up-to-date references and annotated images. Register today.

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