American College of Radiology

American College of Radiology is one of the foremost organizations in the creating, informing, regulating and educating radiology technicians. Founded in 1924, it is a medical society that dedicates itself to serving patients and society. It does this by creating forums for radiology professionals to develop in all ways the practice and profession of radiological care.

Its members include diagnostic radiologists, radiation oncologists, interventional radiologists, nuclear medicine physicians and medical physicists.

It created and continuously updates the Appropriateness Criteria. These are guidelines that govern and control the use of radiology technologies. It also accredits all mammographers in the Unites States according to law.

With over 34,000 members, the ACR is a major player in the politics of the day. It has within it a very powerful advocacy association that looks after the political interests of the radiology profession. It constantly monitors legislative, economic and regulatory issues for its members. In addition, it also ensures that the state and its professional members have a good relationship and also helps in advancing the technology used in radiology as a medical tool by enhancing radiology informatics.

It also conducts cutting edge clinical and socioeconomic research to advance the practice of medical imaging and radiation oncology. The research they carry out is then disseminated to its members to apply in their work as they deal with their patients.

To all radiologists, it offers the opportunity for continuing Medical Education. It has the highest CME accreditation acquired from the accreditation council. It has an education centre which is one of the most technically advanced training facilities that offers advanced courses in radiology. It also provides for eLearning activities for personal learning needs where one can after self assessment get credit certificates online.

The ACR also offers exams and assessments for professional improvement. It has also recently started a program for radiology residents in all hospitals all over the world. It also has a Radiology Leadership Institute that is a professional development and leadership academy. It develops leadership courses that build high proficiencies of leadership acumen.

The ACR also has its own publications that help in the advancement of its members practice and profession. It has two publications one of which is the Journal of the American College of Radiology. It is a peer reviewed journal that focuses on education and training, clinical practice and practice management.

It is provided to ACR members for free. The ACR Bulletin is another of its publications. Published ten times a year, it ensures that ACR members are abreast with the latest technology, relevant education courses and programs, advocacy efforts, current research and ACR products and services.

The ACR also runs a foundation. Through this foundation, it sources and manages resources that lead to the growth of the radiology profession and practice. Through the fund, ACR is able to offer relief services where people need radiology services, fund development of molecular imaging and also fund the leadership academy it runs.

The ACR also runs a career centre. This career centre function as a human resource management firm which will also conduct interviews for prospective job seekers in addition to being a job board.

Through all these activities, the ACR strives to achieve its core mission of supporting the radiology profession and practice. It is professionally run with leadership, integrity, quality and innovation being its core values.

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